ABEL PROBABLY YOUNG ADULT GENESIS 4:8 MURDERED BY CAIN Hebrews 11:4 says that Abel was commended as a righteous man because of his faith (offered sacrifice God wanted in faith). His obedience to God (and acceptance) evoked a jealous and angry response from brother Cain. It is very likely that Cain had ill feelings brooding in his heart for some time before the murder of Abel and the latter's murder was definitely premeditated (Gen 4:8). It is also reasonable to assume that Abel was aware of Cain's ill-feelings towards him (as there were only four human beings alive at that time and Gen 4:6 says that Cain was angry and his face downcast). IT is therefore possible that Abel expected to be be persecuted for his faith.
ISAIAH Probably above sixty.Called when Uzziah died most likely a young man in his twenties (740 BC) and "martyred" in the reign of Manasseh (approx 701 BC) Tradition says that he was sawn in half (alluded to in Hebrews 11:37) Nelson's Bible dictionary on 'Isaiah' (Biblesoft Computer Bible Software-Seattle USA) Did Isaiah know he was going to be martyred? Hebrews 11;35 says "...Others were tortured and REFUSED TO BE RELEASED, so that they might gain a better resurrection." (Emphasis Mine). Notice that refusing to be released is an act of will. In other words, the heroes of faith who were martyred in Hebrews Chapter 11 willingly underwent persecution (and death) for their faith. It would be reasonable to assume that Isaiah expected to die for his faith.
JOHN THE BAPTIST About 30 years (Born 6 months before Jesus and died during the ministry of Jesus when the latter was in early thirties- source The New Unger's Bible dictionary. Beheaded on orders of Herod (Mark 6:27,28) Mentioned in respective columns John the Baptist had the hazardous task of condemning King Herod for taking his brother's wife (Mark 6:18). The next verse says that Herodias nursed a grudge (because of John's condemnation) and intended to kill him. "Righteous" criticism of ungodly acts especially that perpetrated by a tyrant like Herod always carries a risk of persecution. In view of the above, it would be reasonable to assume that John expected to be martyred for his faith.
JESUS CHRIST Commonly accepted to be about 33 years Crucified (Matt 27:35) Also Luke 23:33 and John 19:18 Jesus had a calling to die for the sins of the world a long time before He was born (refer Isaiah Chapter 53). In fact Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 8 says that Jesus was the Lamb slain from the creation of the world. The angel Gabriel also told Mary the mother of Jesus that He (Jesus) would save His people from their sins (Matt 1:21). Simeon prophesied that a sword will pierce Mary's soul (Luke 2:35A) implying a severe form of grief during the (premature and violent) death of her son. The fact that Jesus knew that He was going to die and the manner of His death is evident in such verses as Matt 20:19, Mark 10:33,34. In fact He willingly forfeited His life.
STEPHEN Not mentioned By Stoning Acts 7:59,60 Stephen was the first christian martyr. He lived in the days of the initial persecution of the church (Refer Acts Chapter 4). When faced with strong opposition, his face "was like the face of an angel" (Acts 6:15). This suggests that he was endued or empowered from above....perhaps partly in anticipation of his forthcoming martyrdom.
JAMES THE APOSTLE Not mentioned "with the sword" Acts 12:2 The persecution of the church had already begun and became more intense (Acts Chapter 8:1-3). Surely the apostles being pioneers and co-founders of the church anticipated martyrdom as warned by the Lord in Luke 11:49.
PAUL THE APOSTLE Not mentioned Beheaded during Nero's reign Foxe's book of Martyrs That he was aware of his impending death is evident from Acts 20:36-38 and 2 Tim 4:6,7. Notice also his willingness to die for the Lord (Acts 21:13) when called to do so.