Abraham 175 Peaceful. The Amplified Bible has this to say...`Then Abraham's spirit was released (implying willingly), and he died at a good (ample, full) old age, an old man, SATISFIED AND SATIATED, and was gathered to his people.' The above scripture states that Abraham lived a FULL, SATISFYING LIFE (completed his task on earth satisfactorily), died at an old age (end of life span for that time) and gave up his spirit willingly (and happily). Gen 25:7,8

Addition and Emphasis Mine

Isaac 180 Peaceful. The Amplified Bible has fairly similar 'comments' to say about Isaac's death i.e. his spirit departed, he was an old man and was satisfied and satiated Gen 35:29
Jacob 147 Peaceful. Jacob knew that he was about to die...`As the time drew near for him to die, he called for his son Joseph....' Gen 47:29 TLB. He then prophesied over his sons (Gen Chapter 49). Then "When Jacob had finished his prophecies to his sons, he lay back in the bed, breathed his last, AND DIED.' Gen 49:33 TLB. Death should not only be peaceful but should come as no surprise! Gen 49:33

Emphasis Mine

Joseph 110 Peaceful. He finished his calling on earth....`God turned into good what you meant for evil, for HE BROUGHT ME TO THIS HIGH POSITION I HAVE TODAY SO THAT I COULD SAVE THE LIVES (HIS CALLING) OF MANY PEOPLE (FROM THE FAMINE). Gen 50:20 TLB. Emphasis and addition mine. Gen 50:22
Aaron 123 (Numbers 33:39) Peaceful. Also planned as noted in the following verse......`Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron at the border of the land of Edom, "The time has come for Aaron to die-for he shall not enter the land I have given the people of Israel, for the two of you rebelled against my instructions concerning the water at Meribah. No take Aaron and his son Eleazar and lead them up on to Mount Hor. There you shall remove Aaron's priestly garments from him and put them on Eleazar his son; and Aaron shall die there."'

Numbers 20:23-26 TLB

Death should not come as a surprise-there is time and opportunity even to pass the anointing on!

Numbers 20:28
Moses 120 Peaceful. His death, like Aaron was also planned......`after you see the land (of Canaan) you must die and join your ancestors....' Deut 32:50 TLB. Addition mine. IT was God's original intention for Moses and Aaron to enter the promised land. Because THEY (The implication from Numbers 20:23-26 is that Aaron was party to Moses' rebellion) disobeyed him at Meribah (Moses struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it as commanded), they were deprived of the privilege of leading the Israelites into Canaan proper (Numbers 20:11-12). Note the higher accountability of people in leadership positions. In essence, Moses (and Aaron) did fulfill their spiritual calling of leading the Israelites out of Egypt towards the promised land but lost their final reward of entering and stepping on this land. His life span could be considered `fairly full' I suppose, except for the one and final honour of actually physically stepping into the promised land. Deut 34:7
David 70 Peaceful. Death also came as no surprise to King David. `As the time of King David's death approached, he gave this charge to his son Solomon: "I am going where every man on earth must some day go...."'

1 Kings 2:1, 2 TLB

1 Kings 2:10,11